Your business is your revolution.

Business can get a bad reputation. Squeezing customers with high prices, mistreating employees, treating the environment like their plaything. We’ve all seen the front pages.

However, I still believe that business can also be a force for good.

I know that entrepreneurs like you have the drive and passion to build profitable businesses which leave the world a better place, and I want to use my skills to help you make it a reality.

First of all, let’s get personal about why I care so much.

Let’s set the scene. It was 2008. I was 23, training to be an accountant at the biggest professional services firm in the world. I was happy: studying for my final accounting exams, going out with friends, thinking I had it all figured out.

Then, one rainy October afternoon, my dad died from a stroke without warning. It was a bolt from the blue which made me question everything I was working to achieve.

Suddenly, things weren’t as figured out as I thought.

I no longer wanted to be the partner at the firm with a big house, a fancy car and an empty heart. I had a gut-wrenching desire to make a difference, and when I noticed a surge in businesses who stood for more than just making money, I quickly realised I didn’t need to runaway to work for charities halfway across the globe ton do so.

I’ve spent the last decade studying how businesses can use their profits and influence to do good, and now I want to pass that knowledge on.

I’ve had enough of big businesses who say they care about equal rights while men who harass their female colleagues get moved sideways rather than fired because they’re ‘too valuable’.

I’m sick of business coaches who focus on making money above all else as if a bunch of fifty pound notes is enough to satisfy you.

I’m especially tired of the assumption that business is somehow unredeemable, that profits automatically mean a force for evil.

I want to work with entrepreneurs who want to make money without sacrificing their values and who want to build something bigger than them.

Are you all-in for making a change? Join the growing tribe of entrepreneurs who think it’s time that business proves the good it can bring.

After all, your business is your revolution.

Still unconvinced? Check out The Manifesto for more of what we’re about.

Already on board? I’d love to speak to you about your work. Just reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@bossfoundry) or email ( I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re doing!

Elisha x