The 5 step process to turn your copy from so-so into OMG

secret great copy 2

In today’s world of online business, your audience can’t reach out and feel what you’re selling in their hands. You can put up photos so they can see it, but a photo doesn’t make you feel enough to buy. This means the key driver for them to exchange money for what you’re selling will be the words you […]

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5 quick-fire questions to narrow down your niche

ideal customer define niche

If you’re starting a business then one of the key things you’ll always be advised is ‘find your niche’. Alternatives to this include ‘describe your ideal customer’ and ‘design your customer avatar.’ Now, I’m not going to be contrary for being contrary’s sake. Finding your niche is brilliant advice and an essential part of running […]

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How to pay tax and feel like a rockstar

Hold onto your hats, guys. I’m going to lay my neck on the line and stand up for something which can’t defend itself. That ‘something’ has been hideously misrepresented for years and I think it’s time for an image rehabilitation. What can it be, I hear you cry? Tax. Yep. Tax. We’ve all been there with feeling […]

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How to blow up your business AND be authentic on social media

business strategy real techniques

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a bit of a falling-out with the online business coach world. There are so many great resources available for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, but sometimes the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming. I spend a lot of time online looking at entrepreneurs and understanding their […]

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6 ways your business can change the world

As you’ll have read in my last post, Boss Foundry has had a 24 carat makeover. Instead of only focussing on the money you can make from your business, I’m going to be exploring how you can set up and run a profitable business while also standing for values. This has been spurred on because […]

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