Manage your money

How to pay tax and feel like a rockstar

Hold onto your hats, guys. I’m going to lay my neck on the line and stand up for something which can’t defend itself. That ‘something’ has been hideously misrepresented for years and I think it’s time for an image rehabilitation. What can it be, I hear you cry? Tax. Yep. Tax. We’ve all been there with feeling […]

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5 Tips To Manage Your Freelance Income

manage freelance income

If you’re a freelancer working your socks off to build your income, I bet you’ve had a few concerned faces when you tell friends your plans. ‘Money? From a creative business? Is that sensible? How will you ever manage to buy a house?’ Faced with these questions, if you’re anything like a normal human being, it’s […]

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Quickbooks vs Xero – which cloud accounting system?

Quickbooks vs Xero

Quickbooks vs Xero – this is a question we’re often asked by clients wanting to keep better track of their business finances. In this post, we’re going to offer some insights into how to decide which one is best for you. So what are these for? In a nutshell, both QuickBooks and Xero are software platforms […]

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How and when to fire a client (+ scripts)

dealing with difficult customers

Fire a client. Gulp, right? You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into finding the once-elusive clients, so it feels somewhat, well, silly, to go firing them. Dealing with difficult customers can be tricky! But, here at Boss Foundry we view your time to be as valuable as money. If a client is […]

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4 essentials to set a business plan for profit

how to write business plan

If you’re thinking of how to write a business plan for profit, I’m sure you know how important they are. The only problem is, business plans are associated with spreadsheets no-one understands and a dry executive summary where you lose the will to live before you’ve even begun. Now, we’re totally big on business plans. Being big on plans […]

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3 lessons from the #GirlBoss bankruptcy

girlboss bankruptcy

#GirlBoss Bankrupcty. Chances are you’ve read the book and devoured the story. Sophie Amaruso started Nasty Gal from her ex-boyfriend’s apartment in 2006 with a laptop, eBay account and a passion for vintage clothes. It became so popular she grew it into a commercial site, expanding rapidly over the next decade through clever use of […]

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7 questions to decide how to monetise your blog

how to monetise blog

Monetise. Make money. Turn a profit. Make moolah. There are lots of ways of saying it, but at the end of the day we’re looking for the same thing: how to monetise your blog or business idea. More than that, how to maximise the money we make so we can live the lives we want. Before […]

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5 signs you’re bossing your business

how to run your business

Bossing your business. What does it boil down to? Confidence. Let’s face it, we all want that for ourselves. To be the kind of person who, when asked at a party what we do, can airily release a sentence of brilliance. To stand by every decision we make and feel razor sharp about what we’re […]

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