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How To Make More Money Writing With Retainer Clients

freelance retainer clients

Make money writing. It’s the dream for so many people. At Boss Foundry we’re all about scaling up, turning your creative passion into a business which provides you with an income sufficient to live the life you want. We don’t care whether that lifestyle is a Ferrari and diamonds, or weekday trips to the beach, […]

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The Ultimate Wholesale Pricing System

wholesale pricing

‘Wholesale pricing systems’. If you’ve googled this and ended up here, you may well have waded through search results promising you a magic ‘formula’ to calculate your wholesale price that brings you riches and a tidal wave of orders. Before we go further, it’s time to level with you. I’m going to walk you through […]

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The 4 step photography business plan

Writing a photography business plan – yikes! This surprisingly common response to the idea of setting a photography business plan tends to be the first indicator of what is separating the good photography businesses from the truly great photography businesses. The misnomer is that the truly great photography businesses make it look easy, like their […]

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5 Tips To Manage Your Freelance Income

manage freelance income

If you’re a freelancer working your socks off to build your income, I bet you’ve had a few concerned faces when you tell friends your plans. ‘Money? From a creative business? Is that sensible? How will you ever manage to buy a house?’ Faced with these questions, if you’re anything like a normal human being, it’s […]

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Quickbooks vs Xero – which cloud accounting system?

Quickbooks vs Xero

Quickbooks vs Xero – this is a question we’re often asked by clients wanting to keep better track of their business finances. In this post, we’re going to offer some insights into how to decide which one is best for you. So what are these for? In a nutshell, both QuickBooks and Xero are software platforms […]

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How and when to fire a client (+ scripts)

dealing with difficult customers

Fire a client. Gulp, right? You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into finding the once-elusive clients, so it feels somewhat, well, silly, to go firing them. Dealing with difficult customers can be tricky! But, here at Boss Foundry we view your time to be as valuable as money. If a client is […]

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Picking a payment system: Paypal vs Stripe

how to pick payment system

Payment systems – Paypal vs Stipe. Riveting, right? I know, it’s not exactly the Wednesday morning pick-me-up that any of us need. However, choosing the right payment system is vital. If you’re selling goods or services online, you need a payment system to get cash through the door. It has to be user-friendly so your […]

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4 essentials to set a business plan for profit

how to write business plan

If you’re thinking of how to write a business plan for profit, I’m sure you know how important they are. The only problem is, business plans are associated with spreadsheets no-one understands and a dry executive summary where you lose the will to live before you’ve even begun. Now, we’re totally big on business plans. Being big on plans […]

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