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How to work on not in your business

how to work on not in your business

‘Work on not in your business.’ It’s a phrase that gets bandied around, doesn’t it? All the books say it’s important, but no-one pins down what exactly it means. Given we started Boss Foundry to de-fluff business terminology, I thought I’d blow away some of the uncertainty of what it actually means, and show how it […]

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Grit: The single biggest predictor of your success

business coach

So, you’ve seen the Boss Foundry tagline, right? ‘Dominate your numbers. Boss your business. Build your empire.’ We’re not here to mess around, we’re here to start big businesses that grow from five figure businesses into six figures, or six figures into seven and…well, you get the picture, right? We’re here to go as far […]

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7 ways to make your customers love you

Ten years ago, I was sat alone on a bus travelling across New Zealand when a man peeked his head between the seats, took a deep inhalation and said ‘Wow, your eyes. Where did you get them from?’ Without going into a major diversion of me wanting to explain genes to him and how they […]

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7 Books for Bosses like #GirlBoss and Lean In

books like girl boss and lean in

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved #GirlBoss and Lean In. I fell a little bit in love with Sophie Amoruso with her phrase ‘Fortune favours the brave who get shit done.’ Stories about the Nasty Gal bankruptcy notwithstanding, I love how she bootstrapped her way to success – but what if you want to read books like #GirlBoss […]

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3 Reasons Networking Isn’t Icky + Tips

how to network

Networking – I don’t know about you but the mere word makes me shudder. It makes me think of people in shiny suits with even shinier hair and sweaty palms all trying to fling their business cards at one another in an orgy of superficiality. Think Gordon Gecko but in an airless conference room. I did […]

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What accountants do and how to find one

what accountants do

How to find an accountant. Now, I’ve got nothing against accountants. I mean, I am one. I’ve got the certificate to prove it after three years of exams and a decade of experience alongside a stack of well-thumbed legislation. Trust me, I’m well aware that accountants don’t have the best reputation. The stereotype ranges from a […]

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