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You know the saying ‘there are no certainties in life other than death and taxes?’

I’m going to hijack it with a third.

There are no certainties in life other than death, taxes and a blogger who takes months to make up her damn mind what to write about.

When I launched Boss Foundry last summer, I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to use over a decade of business experience to start a blog to help bosses dominate their numbers and build their empires. My focus was going to be on how to control your business finances so you could rocket to greatness and build an empire. I’ve merrily trotted along that path over the last few months, faithfully sending out content every month which I thought was clear and actionable.

I’ve built up a steady stream of traffic, so in theory I should be happy. Right? Wrong.

While building up Boss Foundry, I’ve spent a lot of time in Facebook groups where entrepreneurs gather and support one another’s growth. There are tens of thousands of business owners in these groups, and being among them has given me incredible insight into their desires. What I’ve discovered is these groups also contain a lot of business coaches talking about ‘making bank’, as if that is all that an aspiring entrepreneur would want.

I began to feel uncomfortable and prickly whenever I saw a business coach popping up in a thread, talking about six figure months.

I work in a well-paid day job and am fortunate to have a regular income as I build up this blog, but I know plenty of people who want to start their own businesses where money isn’t their main motivation. We all need to pay rent/mortgage, eat, and once in a while treat ourselves, but that’s not where the motivation ends.

The smart cookies who I know who want to build businesses are driven by something greater than money. They want to be profitable, sure, who doesn’t? But, they stand for more than just the business coach phrase of ‘making bank’. They want to be remembered for triggering enduring change, and leaving a lasting legacy in the way the hamster wheel of a day job doesn’t allow. That’s why I’ve had enough of business coaches screaming about six figure months and sales funnels, not listening to the large group of us who want more than just money. We want to change the world.

‘Action is the antidote to despair.’ Joan Baez

Chances are, there is something in the world which leaves you in a state of rage. It could be the plight of refugees, female suppression and oppression, or the inability of most politicians to give the same answer twice. Perhaps it’s people who never live up to their potential because they’re fearful of making a mistake, or businesses who treat the environment like their plaything with unrecyclable packaging. Or, maybe, llots of coffee shops serve coffee that tastes like dishwater, plenty of fashion stores make anyone over a UK size 14 feel lesser, or that finding children’s water bottles that don’t leak is a Herculean task.

When we start businesses, we can use them to change the world. They give us a platform, with influence and financial clout to stand for our values. Don’t like the coffee on offer? Build a brand that sells great coffee. Sick of inequality? Grow a business which promises to treat every customer as an equal and give your time/money to related causes. What will this mean? It will give your business solidity, a sense that you stand for more than making a quick buck.

The result? A long-lasting community who trust in you and your business. They can get excited and start raving to their friends about what you do, and purchase what you’re selling as they understand how you can make their lives better. That’s why I’ve had enough of money-centred ‘making bank’ business coaches.

I don’t believe someone solely in it for the money can ever be as successful as someone who has a passion to change the world at their centre, and I don’t believe wanting to make a profit means you’re a money-consuming monster.

What gets me lit up is the assumption from some (not all) business coaches that businesses are incapable of being a force for good. I’m standing up for those of us who want to make a profit and who want a difference.

Stick around here if you want to learn how to develop your business as a profitable force for good, as I’ll be sharing my experience with you, as well as profiling businesses who I think are darn well brilliantly delivering their potential.

Here’s to businesses that make waves,

Elisha x



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